Call Handling Tips: Start With an Enthusiastic Greeting

Nothing sets the tone of a new patient call like the greeting. It should be enthusiastic, positive and ready to help solve the problem of the person on the other end of the phone.  The greeting also helps the call handler take control of the conversation right away to lead the potential new patient on the path to booking an appointment.  

And it all begins with the first sentence…

Receptionist: ”It’s a great day at ABC Dental!  This is Sue and I can help you achieve a beautiful smile.  May I please ask your first name?”

How is this different from the way your receptionist answers the phone?  Does he or she state the name of the practice so that there is no confusion as to who the caller has called?  Do they immediately give their name as the first step toward building a relationship withe the caller on the other line?  Does your receptionist immediately ask for the caller’s first name?  People love the sound of their own name! Your receptionist should find out the caller’s name and continue to use it throughout the conversation.  This goes a long way toward building a friendship, and much more importantly, building TRUST.

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