Who is the Most Important Person in Your Practice?

Is it the doctor? Or the Front Desk Receptionist? We think it is a TIE.

You read that right. The first time a potential patient calls your practice you and your dental expertise are being judged based on the conversation that they have with your front office staff.  Your receptionist is the “face” of your practice and the first “person to person” experience that a new patient will have with your office. This person has the potential to make or break the business that you, as a dentist, have worked so hard to build. It is imperative that the first experience a new caller has when contacting your office is an exceptional one.

Dental Call TrackingDoes your receptionist know all of the dental services you provide?  Can he or she answer questions about them if asked?  Are they enthusiastic?  Warm and friendly? Or do they tend to be distracted and lack patience?  Do they answer the phone with a welcoming greeting or do they just state the name of your practice and then leave it to the caller to take control of the conversation?  The way a caller is greeted when reaching out to your office sets the tone for their entire experience of your practice.  Below you will find a few tips on how your front office team can really make an impact on the phone and book more appointments!

When the phone rings your receptionist must be in the right mindset before he or she answers the call.  They should be enthusiastic, positive and ready to help solve the problem of the person on the other end of the phone.  It is also important that they take control of the conversation right away to lead the potential new patient on the path to booking an appointment.  Otherwise, without direction, the caller will take control of the conversation and often lead it in the only direction they know…asking about price.  The cost of your services is irrelevant.  The caller has a problem and you have the dental expertise to solve it for them.  In the end, the caller wants the best services that are available to them and to know that they will get them for a reasonable price.  What your receptionist needs to do is to convey the VALUE of your services, not the PRICE.  

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