Convert Callers to New Patients Utilizing the Three E’s

The common theme of our new patient conversion phone skills training is the utilization of the three E’s. On the phones at a dental office, your front desk’s job is to:



Empower them to make a decision


Empathize: if the caller discussed pain, fears of the dentist, etc. empathize with their situation, let them know you feel their pain.

Educate: Offer them solutions. Educate them on why they need to come to your practice. If they are hung up on price, let them know that price isn’t the most important factor in this decision by discussing quality, materials, the skills of the doctor and the satisfaction of current patients.

Empower them to make a decision: Don’t let them end the call without attempting to book an appointment. Don’t ask, tell. “I have an appointment available for you tomorrow @ 3pm.” Make them say no, don’t let them just end the call. Once you get a new objection, counter it with a better, alternative solution.

Is your front desk team using the three E’s on every call?